Sensory pathway floor stickers make movement and active play an integral part of a child's day

Sensory path floor stickers create a colourful and economical way of turning a ‘dead space’ into a sensory rich movement pathway. A Paediatric Occupational Therapist developed this system to specifically target age-appropriate developmental skills and to reinforce basic learning concepts.

Sensory Corridors Sensory Pathway Floor Stickers

Move to learn

At Sensory Corridors we believe that children learn to move but they need to move to learn! Activity is vital for both learning and physical and neurological health. Studies show that children who are more active exhibit better focus, faster cognitive processing and more successful memory retention. Sensory Corridors will help children to:









Sensory Pathway Floor Stickers for Schools

About the Product

These robust sensory pathway vinyl floor stickers are an excellent way to give children much needed movement breaks between learning. They ensure that children's movement is regulated and they are in the ‘zone’ to pay attention and participate optimally in class. These sensory pathways floor stickers are developed for any space that accommodates children to encourage regulation through movement and a fun play experience, such as:

  • School and crèche indoor corridors
  • Covered outdoor walkways
  • Restaurant play areas
  • Children's hospital wards
  • Airport waiting zones
  • Therapy centers and day-care facilities
  • Kids areas in gyms and exercise facilities

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