Sensory Corridors Removable Vinyl Stickers for Sensory Pathways

The Sensory Corridors 100% removable vinyl sticker sets are designed for brilliant and colourful short and medium term outdoor and indoor applications. The stickers are incredibly easy and quick to apply and feature a firm and robust finish.

Sensory Pathway Floor Decals by Sensory Corridors

How to design and lay your
sensory pathway

Before you get started, always remember that developmental guidelines are just that - guidelines - and that all children develop at different rates. Certain skills do develop before others e.g. symmetrical bilateral integration skills (using the 2 sides of the body to perform the same action e.g. jumping with 2 feet landing together) generally develops before a child is able to hop or skip.


Step 1

Choose your favourite Sensory Corridors vinyl sticker sets according to the space you have available and the age/developmental levels* of the children for which the pathyway is intended

Step 2

Make sure that the floor surface is clean and dust-free. Many of the vinyl sets have a number of application options depending on the gross motor skill level of the children

Step 3

Lay your vinyls on the intended floor surface. Spend time thinking about the way the children will ‘travel’ or move along the pathway. Do not try to squash too many vinyls into a tight space

Step 4

Once the layout is complete, have a small group of appropriately aged children with typical movement skills complete the pathway. Ensure that distances between vinyls are challenging but possible to manage

Step 5

Use a non-permanent/whiteboard marker to mark the positions of the vinyls and using a dry dusting cloth, dust the small area under the vinyl before peeling of the vinyl backing

Step 6

Lay the vinyl and gently work the rubber squidgy tool back and forth to remove air bubbles and ensure a firm application to the surface

Step 7

For painted wall surfaces, the vinyl may need to be gently heated with a heat gun before being pressed down firmly with the rubber squidgy tool
1What are the stickers made of?
The floor graphics are printed on a PVC vinyl with high self-adhesive properties. The vinyl stickers are laminated with a thick transparent over laminate film that has an embossed anti-slip texture. This adds to protection of the prints against scratching and wear as well as having low level reflection.
2What surfaces support the application of the stickers?
Sensory corridors stickers are suitable for vinyl or tile indoor corridors. They even stick well across the grouted space between tiles. The stickers have also been trialed successfully on concrete covered outdoor walkways. Painted concrete is preferable but with a little extra effort in the application process, they apply well to raw clean smooth concrete surfaces too. Look at the photographs in the gallery to get an idea of the floor surfaces advised.
3How durable are the vinyls? How long are they likely to last?
How long is a piece of string? It really depends on the foot traffic over the surface. The vinyl is laminated and very robust once secured in place. They should last 6-12 months or longer depending on how much they are used.
4How are the vinyls applied?
The vinyl stickers are easily applied to clean, dry and dust free surfaces. Use a small brush/paint brush or drycloth to remove dust. Peel off the paper backing, lay the vinyl sticker in the desired position and firmly press the sticker into place with the applicator tool supplied. It’s as simple as ABC!
5How are the vinyls removed?
The stickers easily peel back from the surface once a corner is free. Gentle heat from a heat gun will loosen the vinyl corner if it is still firmly in place.
6Can you clean the vinyls?
Yes, absolutely! The vinyl stickers can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and mild cleaning detergent.

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