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As a Paediatric Occcupational Therapist I do a lot of reading – articles, blogs and research. In this age of information overload, let me sift through the mud. I would love to share the ‘good stuff’ with you all including my own thoughts and clinical experience.

Sensory Pathway Floor Stickers by Sensory Corridors
24th Jul 2019

4 Most Important Sensory Systems Engaged by Sensory Corridors

Sensory Corridors component stickers and themes are designed to engage all the senses including the less well-known but essential proprioceptive sense and vestibular sense. These sensory […]
24th Jul 2019

What’s all the fuss all about? Children in the 21st century are not moving enough

Children are engaged less in physical play and activity The chief medical office in the UK and the Federal Government in the USA recommend at least […]